Courses built to meet your unique desired outcomes

Dozens of subject matter experts, instructional designers, business psychologists and instructors, working together to create customized learning experiences your stakeholders will love – online or in person.

Transformative. Engaging. Accessible.™

Every educational program we create meets the TEAcriteria for effective, efficient and meaningful education.

Courses built for modern learners

We create courses that make a difference; inspiring, engaging and empowering tourism stakeholders.

Curriculum Development

Identifying lessons and lesson types needed to deliver your unique desired outcomes

Content Population

Your message, your voice and your lessons, built to echo key themes and deliver transformations

Design & Testing

Your own microsite, display and course player pages designed to match your brand and promise

Easy Maintenance

We make it easy for you to update, modify and enhance your course, anytime in just minutes

Why Choose Us

Your course, your way

Let your content shine by choosing the best medium for your message: text, images, videos, downloads, PDFs, audio, and presentations.

Test and track

Measure and rate your student’s progress with assignments, quizzes, surveys, and exams.

Embed Your Content

Include websites and embed content already hosted elsewhere online directly within your course.

Mobile Responsive

Get rid of any barriers and drive engagement with mobile access that gives learners the flexibility to consume course content wherever and whenever is most convenient.

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Experience a one-on-one live demo with a member of our community development team. 

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Client Testimonials

"My father taught me that if you feel like you are making a difference, you will always be happy. I have taken that as a mantra both personally and professionally along my career path. Mentorship and education for our industry are two important ways in which we can all make a difference. I am where I am today because of great mentorship and encouragement from those who engaged with me early in my career. Now it's time to pay it forward."
Amir Eylon
CEO, Longwoods International
“Tourism Academy’s mission and my professional endeavors align as I try to implement all three pillars within our organization. Also, our nonprofit American Experience Foundation is a great opportunity for young individuals to learn about our industry through real-world career experience and create a pipeline of talent for the industry.”
Elliott Ferguson
CEO, Destination DC
"It is incredibly important that those of us with career experience work to pass along our lessons experiences and knowledge to those just starting their careers."
Colleen Cleary