Tourism Ambassador Training

Build relevance. Align your stakeholders. Create more positive visitor experiences.

Empower, upskill and engage your front-line workforce.

Boost reaffirming social impressions while reducing your convention and visitor acquisition costs.

Gain community support for a common goal – your destination marketing mission!

Your Destination. Your Training.

We take the time to understand your community, your needs, desired outcomes and challenges. 

Each and every program we create is designed to meet your specific needs. Once our instructional designers finish their work, the course is yours to share, maintain with ease and grow with your destination.

We are tourism professionals, instructional designers and business psychologists, working together to create courses that you, your stakeholders and community members can be proud of.

It is your course, afterall. 

Education With Empathy™

We are a team of lifelong learners. We believe in effective, efficient education. That means each piece of content, every lesson, module, course and masterclass is there to produce a desired outcome. By taking one of our courses, you’ll be able to do something that you weren’t able to do before. This is a transformation.

We employ the latest in science, technology and adult learning data to ensure that students are active participants in their learning experience. We focus on engagement.

Your stakeholders are diverse; they work a variety of schedules and may be far from your office. That shouldn’t exclude them from being part of your mission. Training when, where and how it’s needed is accessibility

This is why we developed the TEA Education Model that every program we deliver must meet. 

Why Have Tourism Ambassadors?

Tourism Ambassadors:

  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Humanize Your Brand
  • Provide Positive Word of Mouth
  • Help Grow Your Destination
  • Advocate For Tourism Initiatives
  • Treat Visitors To Gracious Welcomes
  • Know How To And Regularly Use DMO Resources

Exceptional Tourism Ambassador Training

These features combine to deliver meaningful, valuable education that empowers, inspires and engages communities.

powerful Learning experience Platform

Outstanding features for highly customizable courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, certification and site pages

Effortless course management

Intuitive course management tools so you can easily make changes, updates and add to your course offerings

Real Time Analytics

Enjoy the freedom to know your students, track their progress and share results anytime, from anywhere

Full Circle Support

Impressive technical support, knowledge resources, and live instructional designers on standby to help make your courses stand out

Instructional Design

Your tourism ambassador course, designed by educators and adult learning experts

Tourism Expertise

Our leadership has been working to increase visitation and create more memorable guest experiences for 25+ years

Tourism Workforce Pipeline

Give front line workers the skill, excitement and network to grow their tourism careers as tourism ambassadors

community pride

Tourism Ambassadors embody community pride and become advocates for your destination marketing efforts

Engage Your Entire Community

12 Lesson Types

A variety of lesson types to keep your course fresh

Live Lessons

Connect with your stakeholders with live lessons

Host Events

Tie in your training with live events, online or in-person


Reward course completion with customized certificates

Create Your Tourism Ambassador Program

Reach out to The Tourism Academy to create an incredible tourism ambassador training program for your destination.


“By focusing on developing the people involved, the Tourism Academy is setting up a strong foundation that will allow the industry to build reliable and knowledgeable professionals capable of making every travel experience unforgettable.”
Juan Alberto Villareal
Doctor of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
“Although people can receive training on the lob through their work experience, there is still quite a large gap that exists beyond the traditional education environment and a a result, people often struggle to receive adequate training in technical fields. The Tourism Academy helps to fill that gap...”
Samantha Keene
Executive Coach & Educator
“...our team is working closely with civic and education partners to build the career pathways and proud local ambassadors add value to both the resident and visitor experience.”
Al Hutchinson
CEO, Visit Baltimore

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