Education With Empathy

At The Tourism Academy, we believe in the transformative power of education, not just as a means to acquire knowledge but also as a force for positive change in the world. Our “Education with Empathy” initiative embodies this belief by fostering a compassionate and empathetic approach to learning within the tourism industry.

Why Education with Empathy?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the tourism industry faces numerous challenges and opportunities. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, it’s essential not only to equip professionals with technical skills but also to nurture their capacity for empathy and understanding.

As CEO and co-founder, Stephen Ekstrom, often says, “When one teaches, two learn.” This initiative embodies Stephen’s dedication to lifelong learning and sharing knowledge. Through “Education with Empathy,” we aim to:

  1. Promote Inclusivity: Tourism should be accessible to all, regardless of background or abilities. Our empathetic approach to education encourages the industry to be more inclusive and welcoming.

  2. Cultivate Sustainable Practices: We believe that empathy towards the environment and local communities is crucial for sustainable tourism. Our educational programs integrate ecological and ethical considerations.

  3. Foster Authentic Connections: Tourism is about people connecting with people. We emphasize the importance of building authentic relationships, both within the industry and with travelers.

What to Expect from "Education with Empathy"

Our initiative offers a range of resources and opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills while embracing empathy:

Community Engagement

Join our global community of learners, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Smart Technology

Technology that caters to students' needs - how they learn, when they're ready to learn, and where they come from. Education With Empathy

Inspiring Stories

Read about the journeys of tourism professionals who have successfully incorporated empathy into their careers.

Resources for Educators

If you're an educator or mentor, discover tools and strategies to infuse empathy into your teaching methods.

Join This Empathetic Journey

Education with Empathy is not just a philosophy; it’s a way of life at Tourism Academy. Join us in redefining the future of tourism by embracing knowledge with compassion, curiosity, and kindness.

Maya Angelou wisely said, “Do your best until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Let’s do better together and make the tourism industry a force for good.

Thank you for visiting Tourism Academy’s “Education with Empathy” initiative. Together, we can create a more empathetic and sustainable tourism industry for the benefit of all.

Get Started Today

Ready to embark on this empathetic educational journey? Start exploring our resources, courses, and community today to discover how you can positively impact the world of tourism.

Remember, at Tourism Academy, we’re not just shaping professionals; we’re shaping compassionate, empathetic, and globally-minded individuals ready to lead the way toward a brighter future in tourism.


“By focusing on developing the people involved, the Tourism Academy is setting up a strong foundation that will allow the industry to build reliable and knowledgeable professionals capable of making every travel experience unforgettable.”
Juan Alberto Villareal
Doctor of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
“Although people can receive training on the lob through their work experience, there is still quite a large gap that exists beyond the traditional education environment and a a result, people often struggle to receive adequate training in technical fields. The Tourism Academy helps to fill that gap...”
Samantha Keene
Executive Coach & Educator
“...our team is working closely with civic and education partners to build the career pathways and proud local ambassadors add value to both the resident and visitor experience.”
Al Hutchinson
CEO, Visit Baltimore