How Much Is A Party Bus?

It's no secret that party buses are the premier party vehicles and are perfect for a celebration. With the high end amenities and space for you and all your friends, you can really enjoy the ride. But how much does a party bus cost? Don't worry when you choose the party bus experts at Price4Limo. With 10 years of experience, we know exactly how to set you up with the perfect ride and have even made the booking process easy. You can instantly get party bus prices on our cost calculator page by entering some details about your trip.

There's a lot that determines how much you'll pay to rent a party bus (kinda like buying a plane ticket, right?,, including: your rental period, date of service, passenger count and even the season of the year (i.e., summertime). So in other words—there's no universal price tag. But that just means you get a custom quote tailored to YOUR event's needs! And you can do that right from our site. Just enter some basic details about your trip on our pricing tool and you’ll get a quote in just seconds. It’s that easy!

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Party Bus Prices

Thanks for considering Price4Limo to be a part of your next event. We specialize in everything related to party buses, and welcome the chance to be a part of your upcoming event. We're one of the nation's leading party bus booking companies with over 12,000 vehicles on our site. Our company is backed by 2,500 positive reviews, so you're in good hands when you choose Price4Limo. Although pricing changes all the time, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Here's a handy reference chart with estimated hourly rates for different sizes of party buses: Just remember, these are estimates and the true prices will vary based on your actual trip, location, etc.

Vehicle Type Capacity Hourly Rate* Hourly Minimum
20 Passenger Party Bus


$180 - $300 per hour* 3 hour minimum
22 Passenger Party Bus


$180 - $300 per hour* 3 hour minimum
24 Passenger Party Bus


$200 - $350 per hour* 3 hour minimum
26 Passenger Party Bus


$300 - $355 per hour* 3 hour minimum
30 Passenger Party Bus


$200 - $350 per hour* 3 hour minimum
34 Passenger Party Bus


$200 - $375 per hour* 3 hour minimum
36 Passenger Party Bus


$220 - $375 per hour* 3 hour minimum
40 Passenger Party Bus


$240 - $395 per hour* 3 hour minimum
50 Passenger Party Bus


$250 - $320 per hour* 3-4 hour minimum
9 Passenger Sprinter Bus


$120 - $250 per hour* 3 hour minimum
10 Passenger Sprinter Bus


$150 - $270 per hour* 3 hour minimum
14 Passenger Sprinter Bus


$150 - $290 per hour* 3 hour minimum

*Rates above are only estimates and subject to change based on availability, holidays and during peak seasons April-June and September-October. Due to covid-19 Prices may be significantly higher and may vary depending on availability, service, and location.

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When you speak with our team, we'll give you a quote tailored to your group's specific needs. Price4Limo doesn't just provide one-size-fits-all pricing—and that means working with you throughout the process to find out what exactly you need and how much it will cost. So when we give you an estimate, it will be based on your individual needs and circumstances. Call 866-265-5479 to verify pricing before securing your event.

Party Bus Pricing Depends On These Factors

To help you know what to expect, we've dug from our company's experience to put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics of how much a party bus costs to some of the most common questions about prices.

Bus Company Location

Party bus prices are calculated based on several factors, including the bus company's location and whether or not it has a service radius. The first thing to consider is the location of the bus company's depot. If that depot is close to where your trip starts or ends, then you'll likely pay less for your rental because the company won't have to travel very far. However, if they're located in another city or state, then you may pay extra for transportation costs. The second factor is whether or not the company has a service radius included in its base charges. Some companies include a 20 or 30 mile service radius in their base charges while others don't—and charge from the time they leave their garage as an additional expense. It's important to know where your party bus company is located because this will affect how much you pay for your rental.

Type Of Party Bus

You need to think about what type of party bus you want: do you want a cheap one? Do you want a luxurious and expensive bus? Do you want a newer bus? Or would a standard one suffice? There are many different options for transportation—and not all of them are created equal. Some will have amazing special features varying such as sound systems, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, restrooms and laser lights, while others won’t. The buses with more amenities will come with a higher price tag but will also be more fun, so deciding is up to you. Price4Limo makes it easy to compare the different vehicles. On our quotes page, you can see the different pictures of each bus so you can browse and select the one that you’d like as well as compare prices.

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Number of Passengers

One of the most important factors in determining your rental costs is the number of people who will be riding in the bus with you. The more guests you have, the more space you will need for them, and therefore the more money it will cost you. So if you're looking to rent a large vehicle, expect it to cost more than a smaller one. Additionally, it’s much harder to find large party buses and that rarity drives the prices up. There’s only so many 40+ passenger party buses across the country so if you’re looking for one of this size, expect to pay a premium. However, more people means more people splitting the bill—so per person rates could be lower in a bigger bus.

Duration of Rental

Party buses are rented by the hour and the longer you rent for, the higher the price. Make sure to have your itinerary handy with pick up and drop off locations when you speak with a representative about renting a party bus so they can calculate the amount of time needed for your trip. Sometimes companies will be able offer a flat day rate which can help you save money for trips of over 8 hours. Check with our team at 866-265-5479 and see what we can do for your group.

Time of Day

What are the best times to rent? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers. The answer is that there's prime times and off times for party bus rentals. After 4pm, you're entering prime time—this is when a majority of events are happening, and when people want to rent the most. It's also when prices will likely be higher for evening reservations if you rent early in the morning (before 11am), you can likely score a deal on your party bus rental.

Day of Week

Base rates vary by day of week and time of year, so factor this into your budget when considering which vehicle to book. For example, Saturdays and Fridays are when most trips occur—so base rates often increase accordingly. If you want a vehicle on Friday or Saturday expect to pay a higher price.


Just like we have Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, party bus rentals have seasons too. April, May, June, September, and October are the busy seasons. This is when all the wedding planners schedule their ceremonies, every high school graduation, prom, and homecoming takes place, as well as when high school, collegiate and professional sporting events kick into action. During these months, party bus availability will be much more limited and come at a higher price. Additionally, individual states and cities often have their own “seasons” as well. In the upper New York area (Buffalo, Syracuse, etc.), during the winter all events are postponed until June-August so you will see an uptick of weddings, and school proms then. If you have questions about your individual city and the seasonality of demand, we are happy to help.


Your destination is the one thing we look at when we calculate your party bus price. Whether you want to go from point A to point B or need a round-trip ride with multiple stops along the way, we’ll give you an estimate of what it will cost. We can factor in how far away your destination is from where our bus is based and how long it will take to get there. You can expect trips traveling further distances to incur additional mileage charges, while trips staying local to avoid these.


The availability of party buses in your area can affect your rental costs. Some cities or areas don't have as many party bus companies as others—and when supply is low, companies charge a premium. But when there's lots of supply and competition among companies, you are generally able to get better rates and even price shop for what works best for your needs.

How To Get A Party Bus Quote

Now that you’re ready to get on your party bus, here’s what you need to do in order to set up your trip.

Figure out your itinerary. When you're planning a party bus rental, the first thing that you need to do is figure out your itinerary. Gather the details of what you’re doing, and what date and time frame you are looking to have your event.

Choose your pickup and drop off locations. If you're in charge of planning the party bus, then you need to decide where everyone will be picked up and dropped off. This is important because it will affect how long it takes for people to arrive at their destination, as well as what vehicles will be available in your area. It's also good to know if there are any restrictions on where you can park or stop along the way if you're heading to somewhere like a sports stadium or off-site reception hall.

Gather the headcount. Figuring out how many people are going to be riding in the party bus with you is important. Buses come in all different sizes so having an exact head count will ensure that you pick one that’s the right fit for your group. You don’t want to book a vehicle that’s too small and leaves out someone, so try your best to get exact guest lists.

Browse the different bus types. Now that you know where you are going, on what date, with who, it’s time to pick out your bus. There are limousine buses, sprinter party buses, and standard party buses available at Price4Limo. You can compare the pricing of the vehicle on our search page to help pick out a fit for your event. Our 24/7 staff is always ready to help you with any question at 866-265-5479.

Book your reservation. You’ve found the bus. Amazing. Now it’s time to lock it in.Just go through the online check out, and that’s it.

Ways to Save on Your Party Bus Rental

  • Book during the weekdays.Friday and Saturday will come at a premium so if you book Monday through Thursday you’ll be able to lock in better rates.
  • Book during the slower months. Renting during January, February, March, July, August and December will help you score bigger discounts as opposed to the busy season.
  • Know your exact route. When you know exact addresses, you can get a more precise price quote that is specific to your route. This will cut out any additional charges because the party bus company does not know what cities/locations they will need to head to.
  • Have an accurate time frame.Having the exact times for your event will help lock in just the right amount of hours without having any unused party bus time. A good tip is to always book for less hours if you are unsure whether you will need an additional hour or two. Companies generally allow you to add more time to your reservation after you make, but will not let you cut out hours.
  • Have a smaller group.Large buses are more expensive. Rolling with a smaller group will help you save some money on the reservation. More likely than not, the smaller buses will be nicer than the big buses (an example are the sprinter party buses which are much newer and nicer than most other types of buses).
15 passenger party bus

After 10+ years of renting party buses, limousines, and charter buses across the country, we’ve learned about all the different factors and scenarios that determine the price of your trip. Thousands of satisfied customers have come through our doors with thousands more of successful trips. We’re always ready and on hand to help you get started booking your bus!